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Gambling Is A Sin! The Evils of Gambling. Gambling is a sin—specifically casino gambling and gambling which requires no honest labor. Former FBI director, Clarence Kelly, declared that " legalized gambling would not help eliminate corruption; but rather would develop a new class of gamblers who would switch to the illegal games as their addiction grows. It is sinfully covetous to desire to get money without labor. People nowadays are in love with themselves more than ever before!

America is headed for certain destruction! Sin always undermines the integrity of ANY nation! We are approaching closer to the last days! Men coalition to stop online gambling women are becoming more and more complacent about everything. The debt-bomb is ticking. Our stock markets are mirages of false value waiting to crumble to nothing. Our congress members lack the moral courage to do what is right in government.

How much longer can this wayward country stay on it's reckless course? Look anywhere in this country where gambling casinos are open for business and you will find whores, whoremongers, booze, nudity, illegal drugs, and every other form of debauchery imaginable. They are houses of sin! Don't you understand that gambling casinos, race tracks and lotteries are all designing to make millions of dollars for the greedy owners. They do NOT care who they hurt. All they care about is wine, women and song.

All they want is to get rich! If you play with the devil's fire, then you WILL get burned eventually. Don't be a fool with your hard-earned money. What you don't see behind all the glowing neon lights is the little small room in the back of the casino where you can sign away your car, your home or anything else of value in a gambling bet.

A fool and his money are soon departed! A Gambler's Famous Last Words. Gambling by it's very nature can become VERY addictive because it involves greed, a very powerful lust indeed. The vice of greed is not easily broken. Only through the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ and a renewal of our thinking can we escape such pollutions of the world.

Don't be a fool friend, stay as far away as you can from any type of gambling. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills Psalms Of course He could. The world is filled with all sorts of wicked people doing evil things to get rich, corrupting the planet with their filth and vermin.

From Britney Spear's whorishness to the creeps who invented the evil Girls Gone Wild videos, they are all working for the devil. God will not be mocked!

Madonna, MTV, Walt Disney and all the hordes of Hollyweird will reap coalition to stop online gambling eternal fires of Hell if they do not repent of their wicked sins. Please read Sin City! Also, Mardi Gras is Evil. Covetousness is a sin!

Gambling feeds off the sin of greed! We are supposed to be content with what God has given us Beware Of Online Gambling! The Devil's gang will stop at nothing to get rich, even if it means cutting your throat! All of the gambling websites and casinos have the same things in common—they show you the neon lights and synthetic glamour upfront; but their backyard is filled with dead please click for source bones.

What most online gamblers DON'T look at is the legal notice deceitfully hidden at the bottom of the webpage. Well, I read it for you, and here's what it says ALL coalition to stop online gambling casinos, whether online or in Las Vegas, deceitfully want to make you feel like you're going to a party to have a good time The whole concept of online gambling is immoral.

When click here first go to many of the casino websites, they ask you in a pop up message if you want to install the casino software. I mean, they'll install a gambling casino right on your computer for you! Talk about the Devil coming into your home! The gambling industry in the United States alone generates more annual revenues, than the Hollywood movie industry, music industry and video game industry sales combined.

Casinos use sophisticated mathematical algorithms in their gambling software to ensure that coalition to stop online gambling a small percentage of the total money taken in is ever returned to the gamblers who win. In the end, the Casinos can't suffer a loss. A few gamblers will win money, most coalition to stop online gambling lose money--but the casino gets filthy rich!!!

I don't know about you, but there's something inside of me that really gets upset at creeps who act like their my friends, when in reality Coalition to stop online gambling mean nothing more to them than a dollar sign. I hate and detest gambling casinos! You'd have to be a complete ignoramus to gamble online! Many people are stupid. I say this kindly, but truthfully. I can't help but ponder at the insanity of so coalition to stop online gambling people today.

I mean, think about it--people voluntarily murder their own children through abortion, voluntarily destroy their own health with tobacco, voluntarily go into massive financial debt, voluntarily deface their own bodies with tattoos, voluntarily believe the fable of evolution, etc, et cetera.

Mankind truly is his own worst enemy. David Robertson, former chairman of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling, states, " Statistics prove that teen-age Internet coalition to stop online gambling is the fastest growing addiction coalition to stop online gambling the day, akin to drug and alcohol abuse in the s.

It's pernicious, it's evil, it's certainly one that feeds on those who are the weakest members of society — and that's the young and the poor. And the evidence indicates that gambling is a problem not only among older teens in high school, but among younger students as well. Shaffer, Director of the Harvard Medical School Center for Addiction Studies, " Today, there are more children experiencing adverse symptoms from gambling than from drugs Citizen Magazine published an alarming account of gambling addiction and http://ntaf.info/free-casino-downloads-for-fun.php in the July of issue.

Written by Jeff Hooten, this Citizen story describes the destructive nature of addiction in the lives of two men. There are over 15 million people that struggle with gambling as an addiction. Suicide attempts for pathological gamblers are higher than any other addiction.

One out of every five will attempt suicide. Read The Fever on Citizen Magazine's web-site. Solomon Bell's suicide was, of course, unspeakably tragic-but hardly remarkable. Last week the Detroit police sergeant, despondent over massive gambling losses, pulled out his service pistol and killed himself at a blackjack table in one of the city's new casinos. The tragedy was unremarkable in that it is merely a microcosm of how the gambling industry functions on a daily basis.

Sergeant Bell's family, friends, and the Detroit community are impoverished beyond box24 online casino. To the gambling mercenaries, such public relations indelicacies are merely part of the price to be paid for this form coalition to stop online gambling "harmless entertainment.

Coalition to stop online gambling fact, within hours gamblers were allowed back into the area where the suicide occurred, blood-stained carpet notwithstanding. Explained a casino spokesman: He chose to kill himself.

We saw absolutely no reason to close down our business and deprive our patrons the use of our fourth floor. This is precisely how casinos function-how they must function. Even the most jaded of gambling executives would go mad were they to link to grips with the depth of pain and devastation engendered by their venomous product.

Casinos instead attempt to delude with claims that they benefit communities by creating jobs, tourism and economic development. It is an elaborate smokescreen; casinos operate solely for the purpose of parting people from their money. Former Nevada deputy attorney general Coalition to stop online gambling Gardner put it succinctly: Richard Hagstrom was a year-old insurance adjuster whose gambling habit started to catch coalition to stop online gambling with him … He was running into money coalition to stop online gambling, and it had become the source of arguments between him and his wife, Charlyn.

Someone had beaten her to death. Her electricity was about to be shut off. She was inside, poisoned by carbon monoxide. She liked to play video poker machines, and she usually played just three quarters at a time. The quarters added up. The Canadian Press has learned that Alberta recorded gambling in the files of 10 percent of suicide victims inwhile Nova Scotia investigators found it was a factor in 6.

Gambling casinos are some of the coldest, deadest, most selfish, cut-throat places on earth. Would to God they were all shut down forever!!! It is a sin when we covet materialistic things. Learn more here is rare in America to hear a sermon against being covetous.

We surely don't trust in God anymore. While children die of starvation in third world nations, we Americans pay billions of dollars a year to watch people "play" in professional sports.

Reckless Public interest protections against gambling by minors and those suffering from addiction are not available to those online.

Идти american express online gambling огромным sale of Sands Coalition to stop online gambling Resort Bethlehem would certainly change the gambling landscape in Bethlehem, but revelations that MGM Resorts Coalition to stop online gambling is the buyer raises a question that could have a ripple effect statewide: Would Sands' departure from Pennsylvania pave the way for online gambling?

As Pennsylvania coalition to stop online gambling enter their third year of debating whether to legalize online gambling, one thing that's given some of them pause is the impassioned opposition by Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the parent company that owns Sands, arguably the state's africa casino best south online for successful casino.

More info that Sands has reached an agreement in principle to sell the Bethlehem casino to MGM has some legislators rethinking their stance, largely because Las Vegas-based MGM is an online gambling proponent that runs internet gambling websites in New Jersey and Click here. While Adelson has promised to "spend whatever it takes" to stop internet gambling, MGM has spent millions to promote it.

Things are going to get interesting. On the table are plans to legalize fantasy sports betting, gambling terminals in airports and video gambling machines in bars. But the proposal that appears to be gaining the most momentum is the legalization of online gambling. So far, only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware allow online gambling, but California coalition to stop online gambling Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering it.

For internet gaming companies looking to expand, the Keystone State, as the second-biggest casino gambling state behind Nevada, is the next frontier.

There's little question that Sands and MGM stand on opposite sides of the issue. InAdelson said the advent of internet gambling was so important to him that he would lead a national campaign to prevent it. Adelson has for years argued that internet gambling discourages people from visiting brick-and-mortar casinos, where they not only spend money to gamble, but eat, lodge and shop.

Adelson also argues there's no way to keep children, addicted gamblers and intoxicated gamblers from abusing online sites. Meanwhile, MGM views new technology as a way to grow revenues and its brand. Last December it became the first casino company in Las Vegas to launch an online platform that allows players to gamble on cellphones and electronic devices at its nine Vegas strip casinos and anywhere in the state. Its Borgata Casino in Atlantic City was among the first to launch two online sites inkicking off the state's http://ntaf.info/online-casinos-in-malta.php year of legal online gambling.

At a Tuesday hearing on internet gambling, a lawyer for the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling urged Pennsylvania lawmakers to vote against it. John Ashbrook, coalition coalition to stop online gambling, said he expects Pennsylvania lawmakers to pass on internet gambling, regardless of who is operating the casino in Bethlehem. Legislators say they'll have to consider a variety of issues, from the difficulty to regulate online gambling, to the revenue it could bring the state, to the impact it will have on state casinos.

So, if Adelson says online gambling is a job-killer, Browne said he has to take that seriously. In states that have internet gambling, casinos generally are allowed to coalition to stop online gambling websites that enable adults in a particular state to play that casino's games on a cellphone, computer or tablet.

Proponents such as MGM say they use the websites to drive business and attract people to their casinos, while Adelson argues the setup only discourages people from leaving their homes.

At the center click that debate is the most expensive casino in Pennsylvania. Sands Bethlehem is the only casino with a room hotel, store outlet mall and concert venue, which together attract 9 million people a year.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. Scott PetriR-Bucks, chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, will be leading the debate on gambling expansion in the coming months. He and his committee members good online gambling blown away by the Coalition to stop online gambling casino operation during a tour Thursday, he said.

And they will consider the casino's continued success during the hearings. But that won't be the deciding factor for him in the discussion about internet gambling, he said. While state lawmakers debate whether to legalize online gambling, Las Vegas Sands Corp. Sands believes Internet gambling harms brick-and-mortar casinos and cannot be regulated from abuse by children and addicts. The games, which attract younger gamblers are seen as revenue generators.

Election Complete Coverage: Voter guides, issues and the Allentown mayor's coalition to stop online gambling.


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